SECN 2.1 Firmware

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SECN 2.1 Firmware

SECN 2.1 firmware is a point upgrade to the SECN 2.0 firmware specifically for the MP2 device, and adds support for the FXS daughter board which provides the telephone connection.

This release also includes the enhancements from the minor point upgrade SECN 2.0.1. The firmware is based on the OpenWrt 12.04.1 Attitude Adjustment stable release r42647, batman-adv 2013.4 and Asterisk 1.8

Changes from Ver 2.0 include:

  • Based on OpenWrt AA stable release r42647.
  • Added support for FXS port.
  • Added configuration Save and Load functions.
  • Added Softphone Directory edit page.
  • Additional device status information.

Stable firmware is available here: