How To Set up SECN 2.0 MP01 as a Wifi ATA

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Notes for Wifi Station (Client) Asterisk Operation


The following is a brief HowTo on setting up a Mesh Potato to work as a WiFi Client in order to allow Asterisk on the device to connect to a SIP / Voip provider via a conventional WiFi Access Point providing Internet access, thus providing a WiFi enabled ATA using a Mesh Potato.

Note 1. This configuration will be included as an option in future SECN firmware releases.

Note 2. This configuration does not support other connections such as the Ethernet port. This requires use of the 'relayd' package and is the subject of a separate HowTo wiki page.

1. Install VT SECN Firmware

Tested on SECN Version 2.0 Beta MP-01 (Atheros AR23) and TP Link WR842ND (Atheros AR71)

2. Disable the Access point in the SECN Advanced Configuration page by setting the 'Max Associations' control to 'Disable'.

3. Edit the /etc/config/network config file to add the following section:

  config 'interface' 'client_0'   
	option 'proto' 'dhcp'

4. Edit the /etc/config/wireless config file to add the following section, setting the SSID and WiFi Password as required:

  config 'wifi-iface' 'sta_0'   
	option 'device' 'radio0'
	option 'network' 'client_0'
	option 'mode' 'sta'
	option 'ssid' 'my-wifi-ssid'
	option 'encryption' 'psk'
	option 'key' 'my-wifi-password'
	option 'disabled' '0'

Edit the 'adhoc' section to add a line disable the mesh interface:

config wifi-iface 'ah_0'
	option device 'radio0'
	option network 'mesh_0'
	option encryption 'none'
	option bssid '02:CA:FF:EE:BA:BE'
	option mode 'adhoc'
	option ssid 'vt-mesh'
	option disabled '1'              ### Add this line

Edit the 'wifi-device' section (top of the file) to set the channel to 'auto'

	option channel 'auto' 

5. Reboot the device and check correct operation with the 'ifconfig' and iwconfig' commands.

6. Set up the SIP/VoIP account details in the SECN Basic Configuration page and check the SIP Enable checkbox.

7. Restart Asterisk and check that the SIP/VoIP account has registered correctly in the SIP Status field. You may have to refresh the screen to allow some time for registration to complete. You should then be able to make and receive calls. Asterisk operation may be checked from the console by entering the command:

	asterisk -vvvvrdddd 

8. Optionally, enable the Firewall if required, with the command:

	/etc/init.d/firewall enable