Flashing the TL WR703n for the first time

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Author: K Williamson

Using the TP Link Web Interface

The web interface for the TL WR703N is in Chinese language. This article describes how to use the original web interface to re-flash the device with OpenWrt based firmware.

The default IP address for the TL WR703N from the factory is When you browse to that IP address, you will be prompted for a Username and Password.

username: admin
password: admin

Once you've logged in and get the web interface, select the link circled in red in the image below and you will see a page that offers the option to select a file for upload.

NOTE: To install OpenWrt based firmware you **must** use the 'factory' version of the firmware file rather than the 'sysupgrade' version.

Installing VT SECN Firmware

Stable SECN firmware can be found at:


Select the 'factory' version of the firmware you want to flash with and click on the button in the lower left of the same window. The system will pause for some time as it uploads the new firmware.

The default IP address for the SECN firmware for the WR703n is so you will need to change the IP address on your computer to correspond with the new network address. e.g set your computer to a static IP address of

Installing OpenWrt Firmware

If you want to flash with a generic OpenWrt firmware image you can download the Attitude Adjustment 12.09 version from the OpenWrt site here:


The default IP address for this firmware is

This firmware has a web interface known as LuCI which allows you to configure the device as required.

It also allows you to upload and install a new 'sysupgrade' firmware image such as the VT SECN firmware.

If you load an earlier version of the OpenWrt firmware with no LuCI web interface, and if the device has Internet access, you can load the LuCI web interface package as follows:

 opkg update
 opkg install luci

You may also wish to install the SFTP server package to allow browsing the file system from your PC:

 opkg install openssh-sftp-server