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Installation Wizard

General Assumptions

  • as a general principle the VT operator should be encouraged to only print pay-as-you-go cards to the value of what they are prepared to lose
  • it is probably worth limiting credit creation (at least in the simplified VT) so that it can only be created by generating pay-as-you-go coupons
  • first version of the Village Telco will be pay-as-you-go only
  • will have daily caps and/or similar controls to prevent excessive loss if the system is exploited
  • the Mesh Potato can operate as a home/business phone or it can be put into pay phone mode.
  • mechanism to avoid abuse needs to be implemented: daily cap/logging creating of vouchers

Installation Assumptions

For the purposes of the installation, the Village Telco installation:

  • does not depend on having a functioning local network, i.e. the Mesh Potatoes don't need to be connected at this point
  • the system can support 0,1 or N external numbers (DID). In the case of several DIDs supported. We assume a single pool of numbers
  • for 1 or N external numbers, it has functioning upstream Internet connectivity
  • for 1 or N external numbers, it will initially only have one upstream provider
  • Any person with a DID (external or internal) should have a Voicemail
  • Voicemail should be reachable by any phone
  • The wizard will assume that the upstream provider is reachable via IP/SIP
  • The selection of the provider, implies the creation of a rate plan associated with the provider
  • Other trunk technologies as GSM, PSTN, will provide a SIP interface to the a2billing system
  • The wizard will also setup default dialplans in asterisk, including for main contexts: call outs, recharge, did, voicemail

Client Scenarios

  1. HW+PH+ACC: Customer owns a Mesh Potato that has a phone number registered with it
  2. PH+ACC: Customer purchases an independent Village Telco external or internal phone number with no Mesh Potato
  3. ACC: Customer purchases pay-as-you-go dial credit but does not have a phone number

Client scenarios.png

A2Billing Assumptions

  • the installation will automatically generate 10,000 A2billing accounts
  • DID numbers will be mapped automatically to A2billing accounts


  • if you put your phone into payphone mode, perhaps you could earn credit on your account when people use your phone
  • how do we map accounts and devices, can be play with the MAC?